The recent closure of schools, workplaces, theaters, bars and restaurants under COVID-19 orders has intensified the public’s use of outdoor spaces for recreation. Unfortunately, not everyone is using Carpinteria’s abundant outdoor resources responsibly. This must change, and the City is working to ensure that social distancing orders are followed in public places. These orders are in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, a virus that has overwhelmed healthcare systems in several countries and is threatening to do so in our community. 

It has come to the attention of the City that some instances of pick-up sports in public parks have continued despite clear orders from the State and County to cease such gatherings. In response to complaints of pick-up games, the City and Carpinteria Unified School District have coordinated their efforts to discourage this type of impermissible gathering. Additional signage has been posted at facilities to advise the public, and City Code Enforcement and Sheriff’s officers have increased their patrol of these areas. 

Playgrounds and barbecue areas in City parks are closed until further notice to avoid transmission through shared surfaces. Turf areas in parks remain open, as do Franklin Trail, the Carpinteria Bluffs and local beaches. These spaces offer important opportunities for individuals and families to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of being outdoors; however, for these areas to remain open, users must follow social distancing orders. Individuals should avoid proximity to others closer than six feet. Frisbees, balls and beach toys should not be shared. Anyone with symptoms of illness or any reason to believe they might be ill should stay at home. 

The City of Carpinteria takes very seriously its responsibility to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, and is working to ensure that residents understand the role they play in this effort. The City wishes to continue to maintain public access to these important outdoor resources during this difficult time; however, to do so, we need everyone’s cooperation.

Residents are encouraged to contact Code Compliance Supervisor Ron Alonzo at (805) 755-4408 or the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office at 805-683-2724 if they witness public gatherings in violation of the Governor’s Orders.