As the holiday weekend approaches, Carpinterians are reminded that gatherings are not permitted and social distancing is mandatory. The City of Carpinteria is taking new steps to discourage congestion in public outdoor areas, and it is imperative that residents follow guidelines in order to maintain access to the City’s abundant open spaces. Distancing measures are crucial to slow the spread of the coronavirus and avoid overwhelming our healthcare system. 

Many California municipalities, including Ventura County, have closed outdoor areas such as parks, trails, and beaches due to reports of group gatherings and failure to follow social distancing orders. Consistent with guidance from the County of Santa Barbara and the State of California, the City of Carpinteria has maintained access to its public spaces while implementing measures to discourage intensive uses that challenge social distancing orders. 

Last week, parking lots that serve the Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve and Franklin Trail were closed to reduce the potential for congestion. This weekend, from Friday to Sunday, City Beach parking lots will be closed, as well as angled public parking along Linden Avenue between Dorrance Way and Sandyland Road. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Carpinteria’s beaches, trails and parks offer important opportunities for individuals and families to exercise and get fresh air. Safety, however, is the City’s top priority, and irresponsible behavior by a small number of individuals could result in closures for everyone. By keeping our distance from others, we protect ourselves and our community.