The City of Carpinteria is committed to continuing to provide essential local government services to the Carpinteria community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Public Service Counter Operations

The public service counter, which issues Planning Permits, Building Permits Engineering Permits and Park Rentals at City Hall, is closed. Planning and Engineering staff can be reached via email and phone communications. Routine activities such as applying for, or issuing permits, licenses, and similar functions may be affected. To make arrangements for these services, please call (805) 684-5405.

Public Meeting Schedules

Non-essential public meetings have been postponed or canceled. City Council meetings will continue to take place on the second and fourth Monday of the month. Planning Commission and ARB meetings will be held as deemed essential. A schedule of meetings and agendas can be found HERE. Residents may live stream the City Council and Planning Commission meetings through the City website or watch the live broadcast on Government Access Television Channel 21. City Council meetings will be physically closed to the public, but written comments may be submitted in advance, made by phone or through the Zoom platform.

Public Comment for Meetings

Until public meetings are physically reopened to the public, comments may be provided in the following ways:

  1. If you wish to make a comment on a specific agenda item, please submit your comment via email to the City Clerk at by 12 p.m. on the day of the meeting. Please limit your comments to 250 words. Every effort will be made to read your comment into the record, but some comments may not be read due to time limitations.
  2. Via the eComment link on the City’s agenda website ( by 12 p.m. on the day of the meeting.
  3. If you wish to make either a general public comment or to comment on a specific agenda item as it is being heard please send an email to the City Clerk at by 12 p.m. on the day of the meeting and include the following information in your email: (a) meeting date, (b) agenda item number, (c) subject or title of the item, (d) your full name, (e) your call back number and area code. During public comment on the agenda item specified in your email, City staff will make every effort to contact you via your provided telephone number so that you can provide public comment to the City Council electronically. Please note the Mayor has the discretion to limit speaker’s time for any meeting or agenda matter. Typically, the practice has been 3 minutes per speaker on each item.
  4. Real-Time Public Comment Through Zoom Webinar. Members of the public attending the public meeting through the City’s Zoom Webinar platform have the option of providing real-time public comments on agenda matters. To make public comments through this platform please use the “raise your hand” feature to notify staff that you would like to make a public comment during designated public comment times. Once it is your turn to provide a public comment, staff will unmute your microphone and you will be given a designated amount of time to provide your comment (typically, the practice has been up to 3 minutes per speaker on each item). At the end of your comment, staff will once again mute your microphone.

Building and Planning Inspections

Building and Planning inspections will continue; however, they will be performed at the discretion of the Building Inspector/Plans Examiner and Planners consistent with social distancing protocol.

Parking enforcement

Normal parking enforcement is now taking place in the City of Carpinteria.

Payment of Permit and License Fees

To make arrangements for payments to the City, please contact Ashley Chaparro at (805) 880-3406.

City Parks

The City of Carpinteria’s public parks, trails and beaches remain open, but social distancing must be practiced in these spaces. City playgrounds are currently open.

Community Pool

The City of Carpinteria has opened the Community Pool for very limited swimming in a manner consistent with State and County Public Health Orders. A maximum of five swimmers will be allowed to use the pool at once, and reservations must be made in advance HERE. Swimmers can reserve one-hour time slots and will be allowed 45 minutes of swim time. Patrons must come showered and dressed for swimming; locker rooms are closed and a restroom will be available only for restroom use. Contact Matt Roberts with questions at (805) 755-4449 or


The City is operating its normal ABOP (Antifreeze, Batteries, Oil and Paint) schedule, which is twice monthly. See details HERE.

We are making every effort to keep this information current and accurate despite the fluid nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us if you have information to add or corrections to the information provided. Email