Beginning on Friday, May 8, the City of Carpinteria will implement new parking restrictions to further discourage gatherings at beaches and to reduce the impact of visitor parking on residents. These include new timed parking limits and parking closures, as well as a temporary resident parking permit program near City beaches.

Until further notice, the City will be enforcing a two-hour parking time limit on specific streets each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These limits will apply to streets within the Beach Neighborhood and portions of the Concha Loma neighborhood. Residents of these neighborhoods will be provided with parking permits that must be displayed to avoid enforcement of two-hour limits.

Additionally, the City will create “no parking” areas on some portions of downtown streets that are heavily used for beach access. These include Linden Avenue, Fifth Street, Palm Avenue, Walnut Avenue and Sixth Street. 

Prompted by the expectation that Carpinteria will continue to see greater numbers of visitors to local beaches, the new measures aim to reinforce the continued importance of social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“We appreciate that there is both anticipation and uncertainty around the State and region’s planning for loosening COVID-19 restrictions,” said Carpinteria City Manager Dave Durflinger. “It is critical that the good work Carpinterians have done to minimize the spread of COVID-19 continues in order to avoid a resurgence of the virus and a prolonging of social distancing measures.”

As the summer approaches and beach demand rises, the new parking restrictions are intended to reduce crowds while keeping beaches open for the mental and physical health benefits they provide. Additionally, the intent is to support safety and convenience for residents of impacted neighborhoods.

See maps HERE, HERE, and HERE.